August 16, 2017


    Summer 2017 has been our biggest summer yet - growing our scholarship-based coding programs from three to ten cities and teaching hundreds more young women how to code!

    Over the course of the free two-week camp, the scholars learn web development basics via Ruby and HTML/CSS in hands-on lessons, pair programming, and group projects. The culminating experience is Demo Day where scholars share their final projects with their families and members of the tech community.

    We kicked-off the summer with coding camp in Austin, Texas -- promptly renamed “Klosstin” in our honor ;). It was our first time in this foodie- and tech-friendly city - and this first Klosstin cohort gave us a big warm welcome!

    Here is a round-up of some of our favorite moments:

    + Learning zone moment: When you are learning a programming language for the first time it's important to focus, ask questions, and persevere if at first you don't succeed. We practiced that each day through pair programming - collaborating with a partner!


    + Silliest moment: Nose-typing Challenge - we took a break from building Ruby calculators to find out who among us could type “My name is ____ and I love Klosstin” fastest… with their nose!


    + Most Klossy moment: Founder Karlie Kloss came to visit! She spent time with each group as we were working on labs and shared in our improv games under the Texan sun. We also gave her a few tips on the best taco restaurants around town - check out her adventures:

    + Defining dance move: Gloria always knew when to throw in a cheeky dab to lighten the mood when the coding got tough! ;)
    Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 5.57.24 PM.png

    + Proudest moment: Demo Day! Most of us went from only having seen code in movies to using code to build websites and web apps from the ground up based on our individual passions and interests. It was fun to share this triumph with our fellow scholars and our families!


    All the best from Klosstin,


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